Get Your Syttende Mai Commemorative Coin

Every year the Syttende Mai committee issues a collectible, commemorative coin as a keepsake. They’re a remembrance of the festival, and they honor both Stoughton’s and Norway’s heritage.

Each year, two images are selected for the front and back of the Syttende Mai commemorative coin. One side illustrates what makes Stoughton special while the other side represents Norway’s land and culture. The two sides come together to embrace Stoughton’s Norwegian heritage and its long Syttende Mai festival tradition.

The first commemorative coin minted for the Syttende Mai festival dates back to 1966. It featured the state of Wisconsin on one side and a Viking ship on the other. Last year’s coin displayed the Stoughton Rotary Park on one side, highlighting the site’s live outdoor music concerts, and musical instruments from Norway on the other side, including the psalmodicon, zither and concertina. The 2019 coin displays Stoughton’s Veteran’s Memorial Park on one side and the Coat of Arms for the Norwegian Armed Forces on the other side.

This year’s limited edition commemorative coin is just $12. They’re available for purchase at the Stoughton Chamber of Commerce and select retailers throughout the city. Be sure to pick up your commemorative coin for this year’s Syttende Mai festival celebration, so you have a memento of all that makes this event so special to Stoughton and its Norwegian community.