The Stoughton Norwegian Dancers are popular in the community and across the nation. The Dancers perform during the festival weekend in their bunad, or traditional Norwegian costumes, while they dance to Scandinavian folk songs.

The group is made up of Stoughton High School School Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors. Open spots in the high school student group are limited and highly prized.  Tryouts are competitive and a position as one of the dancers is an honor in the community. Every Spring the group goes on tour, bringing their authentic dance, humor and fun to audiences across the United States.

Visitors will want to catch the Stoughton Norwegian Dancers’ two Saturday performances and the Sunday performance as well. You can also watch them as part of the Sunday parade down Main Street. Can’t get enough of the Stoughton Norwegian Dancers performance at the festival? Check out their website for other performances in the area and even nationwide.

Stoughton Norwegian Dancers